Dots & Boxes

Enjoy yourself as never before with Dots&Boxes, an evolution of the classic puzzle, with new incentives, huge playability and an irresistible graphic appearance that will give you many hours of fun and enjoyment.

Join the dots that are next to each other in two’s, either horizontally or vertically, until you form the four sides of the box. When you connect the last two dots, the box will fill up with your colour, your score will increase and you will hit your rival, deflating his energy and refuelling your fury.

Make your colour dominate the panel and win the fight!


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The Legend of Zelda Mobile BETA 2

Nokia 240×320
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Life Rush S60 Eng. Version

Pursue a career, earn money, educate yourself while having fun … or totally mess up your life in this entertaining life simulation game. LifeRush is a complete world, full of unpredicted events, ruthless social climbers and other competitors.


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